5 Must Visit Attractions in Makassar

Attractions in Makassar which is famous for its distinctive culinary, epe banana and coto has a wide range of beautiful attractions for tourist. Situated on the shore of Sulawesi Island, the city is popular with Losarinya Beach. However it ends up that Makassar nevertheless has a vast array of mainstay attractions, from the shore to the highlands.

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1. Taka Bonerate Marine Park
This tourist place is a paradise for divers and you who like snorkeling. When diving, you can swim with hundreds of species of turtles, fish and turtles. The beauty of the coral reefs also makes you much much much more comfortable diving here.
Between Apr – May, the present and temperature of the water and various other supporting factors are in great condition so the visibility when diving becomes perfect. The commission charged is 25,000 Rupiah for domestic tourists and 60,000 Rupiah for international tourists. If you wish to rent diving gear, you have to prepare 250,000 Rupiah.
2. Malino
Malino is a tourist place on the highlands and offers a typical mountain panorama. Malino reaches an altitude of 1,050 meters above sea level. The air temperature ranges from 10-26 degrees Celsius, don’t forget to bring your warm coat and garments. Here, there are many beautiful waterfalls such as Seribu Tangga Waterfall and Takapala Waterfall. Additionally, there are also tea gardens, blue valleys and Japanese tradition bunkers.
3. Tanjung Bira
The beauty of this tourist place is not just known by domestic tourists, but additionally international tourists. They usually swim, sunbathe, snorkel or simply sit enjoying the sunrise and sunset view. If you forget to bring snorkeling gear, you can rent it for 30,000 Rupiah. There are also motorcycles rented 65,000 Rupiah daily to get around this beach region.
The facilities here are quite complete, which range from accommodation, restaurants and baths to cleaning up after swimming. Entrance ticket to Tanjung Bira is 5,000 Rupiah each person.
4. Lake Tempe
Above the lake, there are many floating houses owned by local fisherman with nets used to capture fish. At this tourist place, you can fish or go around with a fishing boat.
Every August 23, here’s an yearly ritual to purify the lake called Maccera Tappareng.  The head of the sailors will slaughter a cow, after that there’ll be many cultural and arts performances and various competitions.
5. Somba Opu Road
Not far from Losari Beach and Fort Rotterdam, there’s a bustling Jalan Somba Opu that’s used as a place to market and look for typical souvenirs from Makassar, which range from handicrafts, special meals to wasp-stamp oil.
Wasp cap oil is a popular present that’s hunted by many tourists. Just for hints if purchasing this oil, oil with a white bottle cap has a milder impact when touching the skin. It’s since the oil content is available, although the rub oil with a red bottle cap has a warmth effect beneath the white lid.