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How to Help those who Cannot Afford Diabetes Test Strips

Diabetics have to check their status regarding their condition constantly. There are test kits designed to help you along. Those who have this condition will always have plenty of these kits around. They may have tested many of these brands until they found the best one for their usage. They most likely kept the rest of the other brand and do not intend ever to use them. These test strips were not designed to last forever. They tend to find their way to the trash cans if left unused for long.

These strips also happen to be quite costly. The disease, however, does not discriminate who it affects, as anyone is susceptible to it. There are also insurance companies that do not cover the cost of these strips. This is where you come in. In case you have extra boxes of unopened test strips that you not use, you can sell them for cash, instead of throwing them in the trash.

It is a common practice among people with diabetes to try and stock up on extra boxes, in case they are not produced as much. Such a practice happening means that it will get to a point where one has more boxes than they can realistically use by their expiry date. You may also switch to another brand, leaving the older ones redundant. Diabetes during pregnancy is another example of redundant strips when the stage passes. You can still sell those boxes, as they are usable. A person may also die, leaving behind their still usable strips. These are all examples of places where usable strips may go to waste if leaf unattended.

You can sell these strips, as long as they are yours legally. The buyer can be anyone, and they do not necessarily have to get a prescription to do so. This does not affect the sale of boxes that have been labelled as not for sale. It is only retailers who are not allowed to sell those in boxes marked as not for sale. If however your stock comprises of strips that have expires, or in boxes that show signs of damage, or broken seals, you cannot expect to sell them. The only condition for selling these strips is that they be in sealed and perfect boxes. Their expiry date also needs to be a long way off, about six months on the lower side.

You will find some dealers in the market, who specialize in buying these tips then giving them to the needy, or selling them at a low price. This is how those who could not buy them can now access them. You can trade with any dealer you like. It is important that you find one who will not have an issue making the payments.

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