Best Sites to Visit at Palembang

Just like every other town in Sumatera, Palembang Best Sites also has many attractions for tourist to offer you. Here are  attraction sites in Palembang you should not overlook:

  1. The Ampera Bridge

Ampera Bridge has been an iconic site of Palembang. Its construction started in 1962, and it took three years to complete. Reputation across the Musi River, this 1,117-metre long bridge connects the regions Seberang Ulu and Seberang Ilir on either side of the river. Formerly it was named after Indonesia’s president Soekarno, thus Bung Karno Bridge. Afterward, due to strong anti-Soekarno movement in 1966, it was renamed Ampera Bridge.


Initially, the center part of the bridge might be lifted up so that big-sized ships may sail from beneath the bridge. The scenery of and around the Ampera Bridge looks more beautiful and glamorous during the night due to tens of thousands of lights decorating the bridge. About 50 meters from the bridge you may get a market where one can purchase food and memorabilia.

  1. The Musi River

The Musi River, about 750 km long, is the Sumatra’s longest river. Flowing across the city, this calm-watered river used to be the primary transportation line in Palembang. These days it also becomes a gentleman destination, where one can ford the river by boat while enjoying the surroundings. In the meantime, there are also some interesting places you may visit along the riversides. Among others, you have the floating restaurant, the Arabian Village, along with the Kuto Besak Fort. Consequently, Musi river is so beautiful. Mainly, if you visit there during the day, then you may watch the sunset beautifully.

  1. The Kemaro Island

The Kemaro Island has located about 6 km from the Ampera Bridge, right amidst the Musi River. Presently, it’s among the most well-known tourist spots in Palembang. You can achieve this island by a 30-minutes trip with a traditional boat from the Ampera Bridge. It is, among others, a Buddhism temple often visited either for pilgrimage or to pray in.

Other fascinating places in Kemaro Island were a 9-level pagoda built in the year 2006, the temple of Kwan Im goddess and sculptures of other Chinese deities, along with the so-called “love tree.” It is believed that couples will experience a lasting relationship, into marriage, should they split their names on the tree

  1. The Punti Kayu Forest Park

The Punti Kayu Forest Park is known to be the only forest park in Palembang and also the most significant downtown pine forest park in Indonesia. Additionally, it is possibly the most favored tourist spots, located about 7 km from Palembang city center. With the neighborhood of about 50 hectares, this park has relatively fantastic amenities for visitors, even three camping out grounds for boy/girl scouts and any camping out enthusiasts.